Earlwood Dual Season Rug - PRODUCT REVIEW

Earlwood Dual Season Rug - PRODUCT REVIEW

Author, Tessa MersonHi, I’m Tessa Merson. Having owned and cared for horses for nearly thirty years (am I really that old?!), I can’t even estimate the accumulated hours I’ve spent rugging and unrugging horses. It would be a lot! So when I discovered Earlwood Equine had created a 2-in-1 rug, naturally my ears pricked! Other brands such as Weatherbeeta, Rambo, Rhino, Amigo, Eurohunter and Caribu all supply rugs meant for Australian conditions. However, as far as I know, the Earlwood Equine Dual Season is the only fleece or wool lined ripstop rug on the market.  It’s the rugging solution we’ve all wished for and now it’s available. Hallelujah!



Winter Rugging Solution, EW's Dual Season

Lose the bulk, keep the warmth…

Earlwood Equine’s Dual Season is a unique design. It is a cotton ripstop rug or combo (yes, it’s available in both styles) with a warm fleece or wool lining. Fundamentally, it is the equivalent of a woolly rug and a light rug combined. The outer ripstop layer is very attractive in shades that suit all horse colours, whilst the lining keeps the horse snug. 

Available in Rugs and Combos

The bane of Winter rugging…

Like many horse owners, I hate winter. With the shorter days, we often find ourselves unrugging in the early morning chill, trying to anticipate how the temperature will fluctuate during the day. If I leave them rugged up, will they get too hot? But what if it’s too cold to just leave a sheet on? It’s particularly difficult if the horses are clipped and/or you can’t swap rugs during the day. We find ourselves in this time-consuming, arduous routine of stripping and swapping and replacing rugs every morning, only to have to do the same in reverse each evening. I love that the Dual Season eliminates much of this work. I simply put on the Dual Season with a heavy rug at night and – if it’s a clear day- remove the heavy rug in the morning. Easy as!

Time-saving & effective winter rug

Layering done right…

Of course, we all know that layers generate warmth which is important in keeping one’s horse in tip-top condition through winter. However, when a horse is wearing two or three rugs, it equates to many chest and legs straps (both time-consuming to do up and I wonder how comfortable it would be). Another issue I find with layering multiple rugs is that it can lead to slipping and rubbing, which is obviously awkward for the horse and in some scenarios, even dangerous. The beauty of the Dual Season is that it eliminates these problems whilst still allowing the horses to enjoy the benefits of layered rugs. The beautiful fit, typical of Earlwood Equine products, keeps the rug in place even when turned-out in the paddock.

Layering done right

In conclusion…

I really appreciate the time this rug saves me and the comfort it provides my horses. Most of all, I don’t spend my day worrying that I’ve made the wrong rugging decision or rushing home at lunchtime to swap rugs. I’m a massive fan of anything that makes caring for horses in winter easier and this rug does exactly that! 

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