About Earlwood Equine

Earlwood Equine

Earlwood Equine is a family owned business, run by husband and wife couple, Jamie & Helen Barkla in South East Queensland. In 2022, we were blessed with a beautiful little boy, Jacob, who has enriched our lives no end, but adds to the challenge of running a small business! ;-) We still endeavour to get your orders out quickly, and most days we manage it.

We established Earlwood Equine with the goal of providing our customers with quality and affordable equestrian products that they will love for years. Earlwood has developed itself as a brand that ‘stays’, just like the racehorse the name came from. It started from the humble Earlwood horse hood, many years ago, and has now grown into a brand in its own right, expanding into a variety of products that keep our customers coming back for more.

We thrive on developing innovative and ‘different’ products that fit, whether it be you or your horse wearing them. Our goal is to provide you, our customer, with excellent, personal customer service when you shop with us, and the number of repeat and long term customers we have is testament to this. We love interacting with you all and taking your feedback on board so we can tailor future products to better suit your needs.

We look forward to growing and expanding our Earlwood family long into the  future, which includes all our lovely followers who support us, so thank you!