Earlwood Hoods Uncovered

Earlwood Hoods Uncovered

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Tamara Patch is an experienced competition rider and producer of young horses. As a long term fan of Earlwood Equine, we asked Tammy to explain why Earlwood Hoods are one of Australia's favourite equestrian products. 



 1. How long have you been using Earlwood Hoods?

 I have been a user for about ten years roughly.


2. Do you keep these hoods strictly for shows or do you use them at home as well?

I like to use the zip-up with ears hood for competitions as they are great at keeping my grey clean. But I also use them every day! They are very easy for everyday use due to the zip-up feature - I don't have to disconnect the hood from the rug Ds, just unzip and fold back. So convenient!


3. What is your favourite colour in this style and what other colours would you like to see added?

I’m a navy fan so navy/electric blue or navy/red are my preferred colours.


4. What sort of horses do you use them on?

I have all different types and shapes. From ponies to thoroughbreds and warmbloods, these hoods suit them all.


Earlwood Hoods in Action

5. How do you find the fit of Earlwood Hoods? 

I love the fit! My horses never have any problems with the hood slipping over their eyes and ears or rubbing their face. It is a good length and material. 


6. Earlwood Hoods are made from a soft, high-quality cotton fabric. Are you satisfied with the material, in terms of breathability and durability?

My horses can destroy anything within five minutes of having it on, but even if they happen to rip the hood, it doesn’t move or slip.


7. After much wearing and washing, how would you describe Earlwood Hoods?  

I wash my hoods weekly! They are easy as, just throw them in the machine and hang them out! 


8. What is your favourite thing about Earlwood Hoods? 

The convenience and fit! 


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