Earlwood Tights in the UK!

Earlwood Tights in the UK!

This is Belle from Shropshire in England. She is 8 years old and competes in showjumping, mounted games and equestrian vaulting. Her mum, Alice has sent us a collection of delightful photos and feedback on the Earlwood Kid's Tights.

Earlwood Lexington Tights

"Belle wears her Earlwood Tights for everything!
She loves them because they pull on like leggings, but they have a high waistband and grips on the legs.

Earlwood Lexington Riding tights

As her mum, I just love how easy they are to wash, and unlike many others, they aren't see through!
We could really do with quality like these in the UK. We have them in adult sizes, but it's so nice to find such comfy, stylish and good quality riding tights for kids!

Earlwood Lexington Riding Tights

Belle does so many disciplines, that it's refreshing to have something that works for all of them!

Earlwood Lexington Riding Tights

Here she is training in her SJ, mounted games and vaulting, all in her lovely tights from Earlwood Equine.

Earlwood Lexington Riding Tights

Honestly, she picks them every time.
They are actually her absolute favourite."

 You can follow Belle on Instagram: @isabelle.g_up

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