'Gemma' the Gypsy Cob reviews Horzehoods for hair styles & maternity wear!

'Gemma' the Gypsy Cob reviews Horzehoods for hair styles & maternity wear!

“Smiths Call Me Sweetie” aka Gemma, her name says it all - she is a sweetie.

Sharon Macdonald, owner of Gemma, believes in her horse's wellbeing first and foremost and this is the very reason she has been using Horzehoods to protect Gemma and her long silky mane from her new born foal and the harsh Western Australian environment.


Sharon has been kind enough to provide us with lots of feedback, and the chance to follow Gemma's journey over recent months. We have combined many conversations and dozens of photos, to bring you this lovely story, in the hope that fellow horse owners may benefit from Sharon and Gemma's experience.

"Gemma is a Gypsy cob with bloodlines that date back to the traditionals. With perfect confirmation and amazing movement, she is the start of a dream - Bennette Gypsy Cob Stud. Gemma has produced a superb foal, a well put together colt - 'Bennette Sweetie's Frederick - AKA Freddie'."

Sharon has been using Horzehoods on Gemma since 2020, primarily to protect her glorious mane, ahead of her impending foal by Vines Floyd (pictured below). 

Vines Floyd - Horzehoods

As you can see by the photos, this is not just your average mane!


Gemma's mane requires a lot of maintenance, including mane bags to protect the mane, but Sharon was concerned these would be a tempting magnet for a playful foal, and needed something to cover them.


The ability of a Horzehood to secure itself, rather than requiring a rug to attach to, meant that Gemma could wear the hood throughout the foal watch period and after birth, as there were no leg straps or loose rugs to get in the way.




Sharon was over the moon with the way the hood fitted Gemma, and found it didn't move at all. The safety factor was very important to her, and it set her mind at ease to see it stay securely in place. She found the fabric breathable and durable and was very satisfied with Gemma's comfort level.


After little Freddie arrived, Sharon was able to continue using the Horzehoods, removing the hood regularly to wash and check the mane, and make sure all was well underneath. She found despite regular washing and drying, that the hood came up perfectly and still fits well, with no loss of shape or stretch.


Sharon tells us: "The Horzehood has done very well at protecting Gemma's mane - look at the length!"

We followed along as this little cutie grew, and by all reports is the sweetest little boy and absolutely loves people. "Everything about him is perfect." Sharon writes.


We are excited to hear that Gemma is now back in foal to 'Minstrel'!


Sharon has enjoyed the wide colour selection from the Horzehoods range, and is looking forward to trying out Turquoise next.

Her favourite thing about the Horzehoods? "It saves my mare's mane from getting pulled out by her foal and at the same time it protects the mane from dirt and sun damage."

You can follow Gemma on her very own Instagram page: @gemma_the_gypsyvanner


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