GENTRY PARK TAKE NOTE & his journey to Royal success!

GENTRY PARK TAKE NOTE & his journey to Royal success!

We talk to Sara Osaulenko about her pride & joy, 'Gentry Park Take Note':

Had Note ever performed at Sydney Royal? 

Great question, this was Note's first ever ridden Royal. He was supposed to compete the year prior but it was cancelled due to COVID. Prior to that Note was just a baby newcomer.
Gentry Park Take Note

How do you prep Note prior to the lead up of the show using our products?

Note wears his Horzehood skinny hood daily, along with his tail bag. We choose to use these as it protects his mane/tail from dirt/weather and other horses who like to groom. 
It keeps his hair in tip top condition.
They are light weight and the best fitting hoods and tail bags I have ever used. We love the adjustable belly strap and most importantly the size of the holes for the eyes are just perfect. We have many colours to choose from.
On top of this, prior to each show, they are also used to keep his plaits in perfectly. 
We would be lost without these products. 
 Horzehoods Tail Bag

What were your Royal results?

Amazingly Note entered 3 classes and he won Champion in each class! 
We are really proud of this young horse who won champion show Hunter Galloway/Saddle Pony/Part welsh. 
Gentry Park Take Note

How did Note take in the atmosphere? 

Note is the most well respected horse I know.
I just can’t fault him, fireworks are no issue for him nor are the rides - he took no working down.
Straight from stable to the ring, Jess Stones, his rider from J and R Equestrian said he felt relaxed and ready to preform at his best. 
He is a very consistent horse.

One thing we don’t know about Note? 

He loves his paddock and stable buddy Joey who is a Mini, they are paddocked together and go to the river together for swims. 
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