Getting it right in Earlwood Tights!

Getting it right in Earlwood Tights!

Blogger, Tessa Merson
Hi, I’m Tessa Merson. I’ve ridden and competed horses for over twenty-five years (gulp!) in all three Olympic disciplines at various levels and with varying success. I am now at a stage in my riding journey where I value comfort; comfortable horses, comfortable tack and particularly, comfortable riding attire! With the growing popularity of riding tights in arenas all over Australia, I thought it time I too gave them a go. Dublin, PerformaRide, BARE Equestrian and Delzani all offer riding tights. However, as I had heard much positive chatter about Earlwood’s Kentucky Riding Tights, I figured these could well be the riding pants I’d been searching for.

So Comfortable & Versatile…

Earlwood’s Kentucky Riding Tights were a revelation to me! Being strictly a breeches-sort-of gal up to now, I never realized how comfy these tights would be to ride in. Or do stable work in. Or yoga. Or the groceries. It’s a testament to their multi-purpose design that I can confidently wear these tights away from the horses. If you have a hectic lifestyle, they’re amazing because they eliminate the lag time of getting changed just to run errands.
I think it’s a combination of several clever features that make these tights so comfortable:

The Fabric
They are made from a specially designed athletic material. The fabric is stretchy and contours to your body (smoothing out the lumpy bits). There is absolute freedom of movement. You know that moment when your horse forgets his manners and walks off when you’re half mounted, leaving you perilously stretched between the mounting block (in my case, an upturned bucket) and your disappearing stirrup, foot attached? This is the moment that can make breeches and jodhpurs groan. But with these tights, there are no restrictions or grabbing. The fabric is also magically quick drying. All evidence of sweating or a soaking in the wash bay disappears within minutes. Which is awesome, because there’s nothing worse than being soggy. I have washed my tights several times now and they’re still as good as new!

The Waistband

I've noticed on other brands of riding tights that the waistbands are weirdly wide, almost like maternity pants, which isn’t particularly flattering. However, the waistband on Earlwood’s Kentucky Riding Tights are spot on. Wide enough to comfortably embrace the midsection, yet still attractively silhouetting the waist. These tights are a Pull On garment, so there are no uncomfortable zips and buttons to contend with.

Kentucky Riding Tights In Black

So Practical…
Not only are these tights crazy-comfy, they also have some very useful features.

The Pockets

Love, love, love the pockets on these tights! There’s TWO! Plus they are deep enough to fit all the essentials, such as your phone, liquorice or other treats, hoof pick, even your gloves! (Note to self: must remember to empty pockets on wash day!) They are very handy and when not in use, they sit flat on your leg, you can barely see them and forget they’re there.

The Gel Seat

These tights have a silicone gel seat that extends the length of your calf. This is great for providing extra grip in the saddle. Plus, it looks amazing and has a slimming effect. I really appreciate that Earlwood didn’t go over the top with the gel like some other brands do. This is because 1) too much stickiness will inhibit my riding position, it even affects my feel in the saddle and 2) I think thick gel all over the seat looks odd and certainly isn’t flattering. However, Earlwood’s gel application in diamond crosses with their logo at the knee is both tasteful and practical.

In Conclusion…

I very much enjoy wearing this product. Everyday when I get dressed, I look to my old faithful breeches folded in the wardrobe and yet I hightail it to the dirty clothes basket to dig out the Earlwood Kentucky Riding Tights I wore the day before. I think I’d better get another pair!

Earlwood’s Kentucky Riding Tights are available in black and navy (you can see I went with black, but I can’t wait to get the navy as well!) Their sizes range from XS to XL and as far as I can tell, they are true to size. I’m usually a Ladies 6 – 8 and the XS fits beautifully.
Kentucky Riding Tights

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