HorzeBibz to the rescue for Sarah's badly injured horse.

HorzeBibz to the rescue for Sarah's badly injured horse.





On the 9th of October our beautiful yearling filly cut herself on the point of her shoulder. We rang the vet straight away and she said it was not worth stitching as it was in a high movement area and probably wouldn’t hold.

9th October - day of injury.

She put her on anti-inflammatories and antibiotics for 10 days. We hosed the wound twice a day and rotated between pony balm and Manuka honey. The vet suggested a compression body suit from the get go but we balked at the price of them.


12th October - before the Horzebibz.

After a week it was clear we needed to do something as it was drying out and getting a scab so I talked to Helen at Horzehoods Australia (distributed through Earlwood Equine), and purchased a Horzebibz.


16th October - Bib goes on.

The filly wore it 24/7 with no rug over the top. Straight away it was clear that it was helping keep it moist and keeping the flies off the wound.

21st October - after a week of wearing the bib.

The Horzebibz was easy to take on and off and clean with the hose. It has weathered the daily hosing quiet well and is still on her 24/7 at the moment.


30th October - wound healing well.



21st November - wound closing up.


The bib seems quite comfortable for the filly with no rub marks. We are very happy with how the wound healed due to the assistance of the Horzebibz, and also believe it helped greatly to reduce the scarring.



Mid December - only a slim line and the hair almost grown back.


And finally, current photo in January. In time, the scarring will hardly be visible.

--- Sarah Riddle.


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