Jessica Dertell Reviews the Earlwood Lexington Tights

Jessica Dertell Reviews the Earlwood Lexington Tights

Jessica Dertell requires little introduction in showing and dressage circles. As head rider of Future Farms and daughter to Doyle and Kate Dertell, owners of Future Farms, Jessica competes at the highest levels in Dressage and Showing. Naturally, we are keen to share her valued opinions on the Earlwood Tights.

We recently chatted to Jess to gather her opinions and advice on the Earlwood Lexington Tights: 

1. How long have you been wearing the Earlwood Tights?

    Since they were first introduced to the Earlwood range.

    2. In what facet do you use them - at home or out and about?

    I use them as everyday wear, working horses.

    3. What is your favourite colour in this style, and what other colours would you like to see added to the range?

    I love the new grey colour best, and would like to see them made in Beige, Cream and/or White so I can compete in them.

    Earlwood Equine Equestrian Horse Riding Tights

    4. What discipline are you riding in when you wear these tights?

    I ride in them on everything from starting horses under to saddle, through to riding my Grand Prix horse - so Dressage, Show work, Endurance work, Jumping and general riding.

    5. How do you find the Earlwood Tights fit? Small/True/Large? High or Low waisted etc?

    I find they are a bit on the larger side fit wise, and are high waisted.

    Earlwood Equine Equestrian Horse Riding Tights

    6. The Earlwood Tights are made from high quality, technical sports fabric. Are you satisfied with the material in terms of breathability and durability etc?

    Yes, I find them extremely comfortable. They wear well, wash up well, (and dry quickly), and are super stretchy.

    7. After much wearing and washing, how would you describe the tights?

    The tights bounce back really well after washing, and keep a great amount of elasticity.

    8. What is your favourite thing about the Earlwood Tights?

    I like the fact the tights have 2 phone pockets, so as work pants they can store everything I need.

    Earlwood Lexington Tights - Jessica Dertell

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