Earlwood Dual Season Rugs - FAQ

Earlwood Dual Season Rugs - FAQ

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Are they waterproof?

They’re not designed to be, however a lot of people find their horses stay dry underneath them if caught out in some rain, particularly with the fleece lined rugs.


What’s better – fleece or wool lining?

This is totally personal preference. The fleece lining is lightweight and easier to wash & dry. Fleece tends to trap heat against the horse to keep it warm. The wool is a natural fibre, so breathes really well and acts more as an insulator, regulating the horse’s warmth by keeping the horse at the same temperature it is naturally.


What’s warmer – fleece or wool?

The two linings are different fabrics and work differently to keep the horse warm, so there isn’t a straight out comparison – think more about how they keep the horse warm as per above, and your scenario and individual horse, and decide which will work best for you.


Do the rugs come with D’s to attach hoods to?

Yes they sure do. All our Earlwood Hoods will attach to these rugs, but any hood with ties or clips should do the same.


Rug or Combo?

Once again – personal preference. Some people prefer not to cover the neck and so choose a rug, or go with a rug so they can use a hood with it. Some just like the ease of throwing a combo on and easily having the horse covered.

Is the neck part of the combo lined?

The neck part is not lined with fleece or wool in the mane section, only with satin. (The shoulders are lined with satin, over the top of the fleece/wool lining.)


Do they come with matching tail bags/is there velcro already stitched in for a tail bag?

Absolutely, the velcro attachment is stitched into every rug, and the tail bags are available in Pony, Cob or Full size.


Are they true to size?

We believe so, and always recommend people select the size they would normally put on their horse.


Can I use it on its own, or do I need to put another rug underneath it?

You can use it just on its own directly against the horse, but some people choose to put a cotton underneath if they have a heavily shedding horse, to make washing easier,


Can I put another rug over it?

Yes, you can add a waterproof layer on top if rain is forecast, or an extra layer of warmth if it’s really cold/your horse requires more warmth.

Why don't you line them with another cotton/ripstop layer?

To do this would make the stitching and seams VERY bulky. This would impact how the rug sits and moves with the horse and would compromise the fit. If you would prefer a cotton underneath, you most certainly can use a separate rug.


Are they good for clipped horses & do I need another rug underneath in this scenario?

Brilliant for clipped horses. You can use directly against the horse, or use a cotton underneath.


Which lining is better for a clipped horse?

Either lining is great. It comes down to personal preference – see question above regarding fleece or wool. The fleece will certainly be lovely and soft against a clipped horse.


Do you make these in Mini/Shetland sizes?

Our smallest size currently is 4’3, however we are taking pre-orders for next season for smaller sizes. Please email us at info@earlwoodequine.com.au if you’d like to pre-order for 2025  


Are they hard to wash?

Both are machine washable, please follow these instructions:

  • Machine washable. Do not use bleach. Dry cleanable. Do not tumble dry. Wash separately in cold water on gentle cycle with mild detergent. Line dry.


What are the fabric specs?

       Ripstop: Superior quality 310 gsm ripstop fabric - 45% cotton/55% polyester.

       Wool: 280gsm.

       Fleece: 280 gsm, anti pill.


Browse the collection here: https://earlwoodequine.com.au/collections/dual-season-rugs

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