Habronema - Summer Sores and Horzebibz

Habronema - Summer Sores and Horzebibz

Earlier this year we were contacted by a local vet surgery about the design of the Horzebibz from 'Horzehoods', a UK based company whom we exclusively distribute products for here in Australia.

They were wondering specifically how the bib system under the chest and between the front legs was designed, as they had admitted a horse with some very nasty Habronemas (Summer Sores), and were hoping it would be suitable to keep the flies off the wound, whilst also helping the healing process, without rubbing the sore even further.

Dr Jane Howes B.V.Sc. explains Habronemas:

"Summer Sores are caused by flies depositing Habronema Larvae on sites where the skin is moist (like wounds). The migrating larvae cause a severe allergic response in the wound.

Keeping wounds covered to prevent re-infection from flies whilst also keeping them moist to aid wound healing during treatment of Habronema is important and this Horzehoods Bib was a huge help in the aid of treating this chest Habronema."

We were able to supply them with a Horzebibz straight away, so that protection could begin as soon as they cleaned the wound up upon arrival, and followed the progression of healing with great interest.

The two major factors that make the Horzebibz the wonderful product it is for use under rugs to prevent shoulder rubs, are fit and fabric, and these are exactly the features that made it perfect for use in this medical scenario.

The fabric is soft, silky and lightweight, hence protects what is underneath it, without rubbing or friction, and doesn't overheat the area in the process. It's great for sensitive horses in an ordinary scenario, so lent itself well to a delicate wound situation.

The bib was washed regularly to prevent build up from the wound ooze, and due to the lightweight nature of the fabric, (meaning it dries incredibly fast), it was able to be put back on the horse very quickly so there weren't long periods of exposure to flies and the elements for this open wound. He was able to be paddocked outside where he was happy, whilst the bib kept the wound perfectly covered. (A great idea would be to have two in rotation, so you can wash one/wear one, which means you always have a clean one on hand and the wound stays protected always.)

The 4 loop bib system on the Horzebibz enables the perfect fit to be achieved every time, on all different shaped horses. The design of the under chest, self attaching girth also means a separate rug isn't required to hold the bib in place, where in this case, a rug may potentially rub the wound further.

Excellent veterinary attention, and the addition of the Horzebibz, made it possible for the wound to heal very quickly and the horse was able to return home to Western Qld in a matter of weeks, with a vastly improved looking chest!

The Horzehoods products are used extensively amongst the veterinary world in the UK, so it's lovely to see our very own success story here in Australia.

If you have neck wounds or body wounds, you may also find the Horzehoods or Horzebodz very useful for keeping dressings or bandages in place and keeping those pesky flies at bay!

*Please contact your vet for individual and qualified wound care advice.


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Interested in purchasing one of these for a 15.2 hh mare

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