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Headless HorzeHood - CLEARANCE COLOURS

Headless HorzeHood - CLEARANCE COLOURS

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Introducing the Headless Hood - Everything you love about a Horzehood - 'Minus the head'!

 This can be a safer version than a full faced hood for horses in paddock situations.

  • Copyright Multi 4 Loop BibSystem.
  • High Grade Sherpa Fleece to sit behind the horse's head.
  • In Built Elasticated band hidden for comfort inside the Sherpa Fleece which can help prevent neck covers from slipping back.
  • 4-1 Mane Saver Fabric, Shoulder Guard, Bib & Neck Cover.
  • Zip chin to chest.
  • Quality Fleece Elasticated Finish.
  • 4 way stretch fabric blend.
  • Full circumference elasticated adjustable girth.
  • Derlin buckle clip fastener rather than Velcro which can potentially unfasten easier.
  • Breast design to mould and enhance movement of shoulder


Any headless hood on the market will and can never be as supported on the neck as a full face hood. The design features of a full face hood offer more fit and stability, however can be a risk in a paddock scenario if snagged on something and pulled over the eyes.
This is where a Headless Hood comes into its own in regards to safety.
Headless hoods are mainly in demand for covering the lower section of neck where the turnout rug joint of a combo for example, can rub a mane away.
Even though there may be a little movement or pull back on a headless hood, it will still cover the majority of the neck, and the section that needs to be protected.
The right size and fit is important with the headless hood. You want a very snug fit, as the fabric is shiny and if it is too big in the shoulder it can create more slip back than is normal, so please follow the Horzehoods specific size guide. (Click on the size guide link.)
If you are unsure of the size you have received, please try it on a clean horse, with swing tags still attached and you are welcome to return for another size should you require it. Just be careful not to let the velcro snag the fabric if you intend on returning the hood for a size exchange.

Sizing Guide





Mini Size 1 Approx 2'6/2'9
Mini Size 2 Approx 3'0/3'3
Mini Size 3 Approx 3'6/3'9
XXS Approx 4'0/4'3
XS Approx 4'6/4'9 (5'0 if very fine)
Small Approx 5'0/5'3 (Section A type)
Small/Medium Riding Pony types with long length of rein 5'3/5'6
Medium Approx 5'6
Large Approx 5'9/6'0 (If chunky/deep shoulder go up to XL)
Native Chunky Horses in 5'9/6'0/6'3, short & compact build but need extra depth on neck & chest.
XL Approx 6'3/6'6 (6'6 if fine, well boned 6'6 will need XXL. Chunky 6'3 horses also go up to XXL)
XXL Approx 6'9/7'0 Rugs (7'3 if fine, 6'6 if chunky)
Big Range Size 1 7'0/7'3
Big Range Size 2 7'3/7'6
Big Range Size 3 7'6/7'9 Draft/Shire/Clydesdale


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