Earlwood Rugs and Hoods help Kasey's injured horses.

Earlwood Rugs and Hoods help Kasey's injured horses.

In May last year, Kasey Nash sent us a heartwarming message about how our Earlwood Dual Season Rug had helped her injured horse. 

(***Warning - Blog contains photos of injuries)

So I just wanted to drop by and give you an update, given I was so unsure re the sizing for my rug for Miss Schatzi last year. The 6'0 has been perfect since day one, it wasn't so big that she was swimming and had plenty of growing room for a young warmblood filly.
I've recently been given my welcome to the world of babies from her, with a lovely hock laceration when she decided changing paddocks one night would be a good idea.
This past week weather in Victoria has been frustrating to say the least, 18-20° days and under 8° at night with thick lashings of fog. I was fretting over what to put on her, in her sin bin, as it's in such an exposed spot, when I realised I had your Dual Season Rug tucked away in her rug storage!

Out it came, and suffice to say it has been nothing short of FABULOUS whilst she can't move around to keep herself warm, but is also at risk of overheating. The last few nights she even lay down to sleep and even though she's quite damp, she's never once been cold. Absolutely amazing! 👏👏

I'm so stoked with it, and will be keeping this one for our new weanling who is arriving soon, Schatzi will definitely get a size up when it's due. 😍


This year she's back again, telling us how the Earlwood Hoods have now helped significantly with, (unfortunately for Kasey), her latest injured horse: 

10th May: Back to brag some more about how amazing your products are. Most recently my daughter's filly sustained a pretty decent facial wound after being kicked by a paddock mate.

The first few days of management were awful, the wound dried too quickly and I couldn't keep any type of dressing over it no matter how crafty I was. Cue your hoods to rescue my sanity!

We've successfully gone from the initial photo above to this below in about 18 days. I haven't lost one dressing under the hoods, and she's been comfortable the whole time. 🙌👏
Thank you guys, thank you so bloody much!!!


We were torn between feeling awful for her having another injury, but being so happy our products had helped her yet again! 💔 

Kasey says:

We own babies, so it's semi self inflicted, but this one's a total blowfly and I think she annoyed my youngest's Shetty X Welsh. 🙈
Honestly your rugs have gotten us through it all flawlessly. They're not just great rugs for the weather as I've learned. 🤪

14th May: here's a quick update for you...even the vet agreed without the hood she wouldn't have come so far so quickly 🥰

 All the vets seem to think she will grow hair back if we keep her face as covered as possible from that bitter winter air this season. 🥰😁

Hence Kasey now has her eye on our new FLEECE HOODS!


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