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Earlwood Equine

Earlwood White/Electric Blue MESH Hood

Earlwood White/Electric Blue MESH Hood

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*Thanks to Earl for stepping in to model today when all the other horses cancelled on us... we'll endeavour to do better than Earl very soon, and can guarantee these hoods will fit your horse better than they do Earl...

The same renowned, great fitting Earlwood Hood that you're used to, but in a hybrid version with cool, mesh panels for summer comfort & air flow, and a zip from chin to chest!

White 95% Cotton fabric hood, satin lined mane section, with bright blue mesh side panels.

Satin lining along mane section.

Great fit and breathable comfort for the warmer parts of the year.

Velcro closure under jaw, comfortable, large eye holes and elastic rug attachments.


Sizing Guide

Earlwood Hoods Size Guide




Small/Fine Ponies, Approx 11-12.3hh
Pony size bridle, Approx 12.3-14hh
Cob size bridle, Approx 14-15hh
Full size bridle, Approx 16hh
Warmblood size bridle, Approx 17hh 

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