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HorzeBodz Mini - No Ears

HorzeBodz Mini - No Ears

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This mini version of our full body Horzebodz is made to be super lightweight. After years of testing we have found the most effective fabrics on manes and coats are those that consist of light, fine weight blends. Heavier grams of fabric cost no extra to make, however are not as effective for keeping the mane and coat the best it possibly can be. By using a full body Horzebodz with attached hood, in this super light fabric blend, you will notice an instant transformation in the horse's coat. 

Heavier fabrics can be more durable to snags and rips but give a chance of causing chafing and rubs, therefore the team decided the priority was the functionality before enhancing the durability. The seam and stitch work on this fabric is superbly manufactured.

The HorzeBodz have been created to enhance the stability of a full body meaning they are much less likely to move or slip.

We have used the exact same colour match and fabric quality as our Horzehoods.

Horzebodz Sizes
Bodies are always much harder to fit than hoods as all horses have different length of back, width, and depth. The fit will very much depend on the length of the body of your horse – every horse is slightly different - but on a shorter bodied horse, you may find your Horzebodz will cover more dock.

IMPORTANT We do not recommend using the body if there is excess length hanging over the rump of your horse. This will cause the body to drag backwards which may cause a pull up on the face. Please try on clean when deciding if it is a good fit. The team would rather exchange for another size to try as opposed to using the incorrect size on your equine.

All HorzeBodz Sets include:
  • Matching Tailbag.
  • Full Length Surcingle.
  • 4-1 Mane Saver Fabric, Shoulder Guard, Bib & Hood.
  • Under chin velcro.
  • Quality fleece noseband.
  • 4 way stretch fabric blend.
  • Full circumference elasticated adjustable girth.
  • Derlin buckle clip fastener rather than Velcro which loses stickability over time.
  • HorzeHoods' unique & copyright ‘4 loop bib system©’.
  • Breast design to mould & enhance movement of shoulders.

Sizing Guide





Mini Size 1 Approx 2'6/2'9
Mini Size 2 Approx 3'0/3'3
Mini Size 3 Approx 3'6/3'9
XXS Approx 4'0/4'3
XS Approx 4'6/4'9 (5'0 if very fine)
Small Approx 5'0/5'3 (Section A type)
Small/Medium Riding Pony types with long length of rein 5'3/5'6
Medium Approx 5'6
Large Approx 5'9/6'0 (If chunky/deep shoulder go up to XL)
Native Chunky Horses in 5'9/6'0/6'3, short & compact build but need extra depth on neck & chest.
XL Approx 6'3/6'6 (6'6 if fine, well boned 6'6 will need XXL. Chunky 6'3 horses also go up to XXL)
XXL Approx 6'9/7'0 Rugs (7'3 if fine, 6'6 if chunky)
Big Range Size 1 7'0/7'3
Big Range Size 2 7'3/7'6
Big Range Size 3 7'6/7'9 Draft/Shire/Clydesdale


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