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HorzeHood - BIG - NO EARS

HorzeHood - BIG - NO EARS

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The BIG/DRAFT version of our popular Horzehoods, for Clydesdales, Shires and other heavy horses.


  • 2in1 Shoulder Guard & Hood
  • Zip chin to chest
  • Under chin velcro
  • Quality fleece noseband
  • 4 way stretch fabric blend
  • Full circumference elasticated, adjustable girth
  • Derlin buckle clip fastener rather than Velcro which loses stickability over time
  • HorzeHoods unique ‘4 loop bib system©’
  • Breast design to mould & enhance movement of shoulders


*Not originally designed for turnout use - use in paddock at your own discretion.

Sizing Guide





Mini Size 1 Approx 2'6/2'9
Mini Size 2 Approx 3'0/3'3
Mini Size 3 Approx 3'6/3'9
XXS Approx 4'0/4'3
XS Approx 4'6/4'9 (5'0 if very fine)
Small Approx 5'0/5'3 (Section A type)
Small/Medium Riding Pony types with long length of rein 5'3/5'6
Medium Approx 5'6
Large Approx 5'9/6'0 (If chunky/deep shoulder go up to XL)
Native Chunky Horses in 5'9/6'0/6'3, short & compact build but need extra depth on neck & chest.
XL Approx 6'3/6'6 (6'6 if fine, well boned 6'6 will need XXL. Chunky 6'3 horses also go up to XXL)
XXL Approx 6'9/7'0 Rugs (7'3 if fine, 6'6 if chunky)
Big Range Size 1 7'0/7'3
Big Range Size 2 7'3/7'6
Big Range Size 3 7'6/7'9 Draft/Shire/Clydesdale


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